Points Regulation

We appreciate fidelity and reward you for every meal we enjoy.
In order to better understand how our loyalty program works, we have prepared a detailed regulation with relevant information that we invite you to give 2 minutes to read:


This loyalty program is organized and carried out by Intertoy SC PIZZA COMPLEX SRL, based in Str. Alley of Students Nr. 5, Room 7, having the serial number at the Trade Register J35 / 823/2015, unique registration code RO34351120, hereinafter referred to as “The Organizer”.
Participants in the Napoleon Loyalty Program, hereinafter referred to as the “Loyalty Program”, are obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of this Participation Regulation, hereinafter
“Official Regulation”.
The Official Regulation is available to any participant in the Program for consultation on the website www.pizzanapoleon.ro/regulament. The organizer reserves the right to amend or change the Official Regulations, and such changes will enter into force only after the prior notice of presentation of these changes publicly by posting on the Internet at http://pizzanapoleon.ro/en/points-regulation/
The program is organized and takes place within the Pizzeria Napoleon Timisoara and on the Internet at http://pizzanapoleon.ro/en/points-regulation/.

The program was launched on 15.01.2019 and has an indefinite duration.
SC PIZZA COMPLEX SRL has the right to decide at any time the termination of the Program. The notice regarding the termination of the Program will be displayed at least 15 days before the effective date of termination on the Internet at www.pizzanapoleon.ro/regulament. The program will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of this Official Regulation.

Any natural person who has a permanent residence in Romania and has reached the age of 18 can participate in the Program. You can participate in the Program by placing an order both on the internet (by creating a user account) and in the Napoleon Timișoara Pizzeria with a physical loyalty card. Participants can benefit from the loyalty program in both ways – when purchasing products at Pizzeria Napoleon Timisoara will use the loyalty card (physical), and for orders at the participant’s home will be rewarded in the user account on the website www.pizzanapoleon.ro The participant is obliged to provide in full the data for the registration process, with real data. The participant is also obliged to fill in all the fields marked as mandatory in the registration process.

If a participant has more than one Napoleon Loyalty Card / multiple user accounts The Organizer reserves the right to deactivate at any time any of the Loyalty Cards / Accounts of the holder with the loss by the participant of all their benefits .
The Napoleon Loyalty Card is issued upon request and is issued on the spot, free of charge at the Pizzeria Napoleon Timișoara.
Only the holder of the identity card can be the holder of a Napoleon Loyalty Card. The holder of a Napoleon Loyalty Card cannot use another person’s Napoleon Loyalty Card, otherwise he will lose the right to participate in the Program.

The Napoleon Loyalty Card can be replenished with points by purchasing products at Pizzeria Napoleon Timișoara and online at www.pizzanapoleon.ro. Loyalty points accumulated in a single order can be used starting with the next order. The value of the discount in points within the Napoleon Loyalty Card can be consulted within the Pizzeria Napoleon Timișoara but also online within the user account accumulating, and the points from the online orders within the user account on www.pizzanapoleon.ro. Loyalty points obtained using the loyalty card are cumulated with the points obtained in the online environment, and can be used in both situations.

Depending on the value of the orders made, the holder of the loyalty card of the user account receives a number of points which is equivalent to a 20% discount, both for online orders and through physical orders in Pizzeria Napelon Timisoara.

Depending on the level of purchases made, the cardholder has the following advantages:
The value of a loyalty point 1 (point) = 0.20 LEI.

Example: for an order of 100 LEI (either online or in Pizzeria Napoleon Timișoara) you receive 100 loyalty points representing 20 LEI, or in other words, 20% of the value spent.

The points on the Napoleon Loyalty Card can be used to purchase products on the website http://www.pizzanapoleon.ro and are cumulated with the loyalty points obtained on the website www.pizzanapoleon.ro. Accumulated loyalty points have unlimited validity and can be combined with points from previous purchases. Loyalty points cannot pay more than 50% of the value of the next / future order.

Example: for an order of 100 LEI (either online or in Pizzeria Napoleon Timișoara) you pay with maximum loyalty points the equivalent of 50 LEI (250 points), and the difference is paid with 50 LEI. For the 50 LEI spent you will receive 50 points worth 10 LEI (20%) that can be used for the next order.

Loyalty points can be accumulated and used several times a day, without any limitation in this regard.

Pizza Complex SRL reserves the right to deactivate any Napoleon Loyalty Card after a period of 12 months of non-use or which has been used in violation of any of the provisions of this regulation or legal provisions.
The loyalty card, once deactivated, will not be reactivated. The holder of the respective Loyalty Card will also lose the right to benefit from the Points accumulated on the Loyalty Card in question and any other benefits attached to the respective Loyalty Card, but will be able to request the issuance of a new Loyalty Card, filling in a new form. sign up.
If the Loyalty Card is lost, stolen, worn or damaged, it can be replaced free of charge with a new Loyalty Card, and Accumulated Points will be available on the new Loyalty Card. The reissue will be made at the request of the holder, at the headquarters of Pizzeria Napoleon Timișoara, only by presenting the original identity card, for the holder of the Loyalty Card in question.
SC Pizza Complex SRL reserves the right to refuse the use of cards that have become illegible.

By requesting the loyalty card, the participant expresses his express consent for the entry of personal data in the database of S.C. PIZZA COMPLEX SRL, as well as for the processing of these data for the purpose of granting benefits according to the NAPOLEON loyalty program for statistical purposes, for direct marketing actions, including to receive informative materials from S.C. PIZZA COMPLEX SRL and its contractual partners.
The processing of personal data will be done by S.C. PIZZA COMPLEX SRL in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of persons regarding the processing of personal data, the notification of the processing of these data being registered in the register of records of personal data processing under no. 16947 the ANSPDCP.